Addiction can be financially devastating

Substance use disorder can destroy a family’s finances. A person with substance use disorder might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a week on their drug of choice. They could find it difficult to maintain employment. Families may experience difficulty paying bills and controlling expenses. They might face bankruptcy. And treatment can be costly. Stigma still surrounds addiction, leading individuals or families to hide their experiences. But a trusted financial adviser, one who approaches families with openness and empathy, can help families protect their financial futures and connect them with resources to help pay for treatment. This free course will give you the tools you need to help you be that trusted adviser.

Course Curriculum

Introduction Video
Welcome Letter
Companion Book

MODULE I: Understanding the Prevalence of Substance Use Disorder & Its Effects
Module I Video
Top 10 Things Advisers Should Know
Substance Use Disorder: What it Is & Why Financial Professionals Should Care
Unforeseen Costs of Substance Use Disorder
Opioid Use Disorder in Ohio
Module I Quiz

MODULE II: The Financial Consequences of Substance Use Disorder
Module II Video
Cost of Treatment
Funding Sources for Treatment
FAQs on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder
The Ripple Effect of Substance Use Disorder on Families
Module II Quiz

MODULE III: The Financial Professional’s Role in the Discovery and Planning Processes
Module III Video
Recognizing the Signs of Substance Use Disorder
How to Hold Difficult Conversations with your Client
Resources for Helping Clients
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What You Get When You Sign Up

→ Three easy-to-follow video modules

→ Insights into how to recognize that addiction is affecting your clients — and tools for broaching sensitive conversations

→ A deeper understanding of addiction and how it affects Ohioans

→ A handbook of tipsheets and facts to keep as a reference guide

→ 2 CFP continuing education credits

The Ohio Department of Commerce developed this first-of-its-kind training curriculum in partnership with a financial professional who was directly impacted by substance use disorder.

Cheryl Canzanella, CLU, ChSNC, LUTCF, lost her husband to an accidental overdose. In this training, Cheryl shares their story — one of love, loss and life reimagined — along with concrete tools and tips to help you assist clients affected by addiction.

Cheryl’s expertise and personal experience, supplemented with data and insights from research and the Ohio Department of Commerce’s own survey of financial advisers, will give you new perspective on addiction, who is affected, and how families can navigate the costs of addiction while still protecting their financial futures.